Best Tips When Choosing An Awesome Wedding Booth

The wedding day is one of the most memorable days in the lives of many individuals. Many people wed once in their lifetime. One of the most critical things in a wedding is the photography and videography which captures all the moments during the wedding. Some photographers provide the photo booth services. Photo booths are currently the in-thing as far as wedding photography is concerned. Click here for the ideal wedding photo booth rental in NYC. Let us explore various tips of selecting the correct photo booth for your wedding;

Best tips

Booth type


There are two types of photo booths; the open air and the closed booth. The closed booth is the traditional one whereby the guest steps into a small box to take the photos. Some of the advantages of the closed photo booth are that they are neat inside and are also self-contained. They are, however, bulky which makes them difficult to transport to the wedding venue. This is one of the reasons as to why their use is limited in the weddings. The open-air booths can be easily dismantled into smaller units and transported. It can easily be set up anywhere provided that is space. This is the most popular choice as far as the wedding photography is concerned.

Picture quality

The picture quality is of utmost importance. The closed booths have poor pictorial quality because the lighting is usually too much or too little depending on the location of the photography. The open-air booths have excellent pictorial quality because they are typically based on a studio flash and a DSLR camera. If you are looking for the perfect picture quality, then go for the open-air booth.

Backdrop options

The other advantage of the open-air booth is the plenty of the backdrop options. Most of the open-air booths have plenty of backdrops of great quality that you can choose for your wedding. For the closed photo booths, the backdrop options are not as much as the open-air booths. You know which one to go for if you are looking for plenty of choices.

The number of guests in the images


The number of people that you intend to take will also determine the type of booth that you will select. If you plan to take few people then the closed air booth will be ideal for you since it has limited space. However, if you want to take as many people as possible then the open-air booth will be ideal for you. The open-air both can take up to 15 guests while the closed one can only take five guests.…

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