Body Piercing

As much as it seems that body piercings are the in thing at the moment and everybody is doing it, many individuals think that since many people are having them that they are safe. Such an assumption can be likened to a kid who decides to be rained on since their sibling was rained on yesterday and they were not affected by the rain in any way. My point is that you should take precaution but even if you do you are not safe entirely. Before you decide to undertake any body piercing procedure, you should know what you are getting into.

Dangers of body piercings


This is one of the most frequent recurrent problems that are brought about by body piercing. Most individuals may take this to be a small occurrence. To their surprise, you will realize that many people are concerned about how their skin looks and they have been very much bothered with the scaring hence having to undergo surgery to correct them. This is why it is advisable that one should be careful not to scare their bodies.

Experiencing keloids and granulomas

The piercings might not bother you with the pain and the general effects that are brought about by scarring, but they can also cause the tick overdeveloped scars. These scares are referred to as keloids. The scares are very bothersome as they are thick and overdeveloped. They usually position themselves as they make it impossible for you to remove the piercing jewelry hence allowing infections to occur. Piercing when gone wrong, can cause nodules which are formed due to the inflammation of tissues, this is what is referred to as granulomas.

Genital piercings affect one’s reproductive health

As much as the body piercings have their dangers and risks, this is even worse. For those who engage in genital piercing, you will realize that from one time to the other they have reported problems that range from basic discomfort and infections. These infections are very dangerous because they can prevent women from conceiving and men from erecting. Additionally, they expose one to infections that are sexually transmitted, and in most instances, the ornaments worn here can cause damage to the condoms hence leaving one exposed to infections.

Causes tissue damage

When you undergo some body piercing, your tissues are immediately injured and damaged, the repercussions, are experienced throughout one’s life. The piercing may lead to some tissues dying entirely, or it may lead to some problems. For instance, if an eyebrow piercing goes wrong, the tissue in the eye might be injured, and this may lead to one developing issues with their vision. If you pierce your nipple, it may not be healthy for your kid to breastfeed a situation that will necessitate that you look for alternative means of feeding your kid.

Causes nerve damage

Body piercings can interfere with the correct functioning of your nervous system. Some piercings will damage the nerves that are below them, hence causing some organs to dysfunction or in some instances they can stop functioning entirely. Worst case scenario it can interfere with the entire nervous system. From the above we can see that body piercing can have negative effects on one’s body, hence before you decide to go for it, you must have a second thought.